about us

Our Philosophy

KHARGHAR MEDICITY HOSPITAL is a premier 50 bedded multispecialty hospital

Located at Sector 7 Kharghar, Navi Mumbai adjacent to the main Sion Panvel Highway, with a wide range of medical & super specialties including intervention & diagnostics and is well equipped with latest & modern state of art equipments for immediate & advanced medical care.

Our Vision

Providing Multispecialty Expertise Healthcare, Managing Emergencies and Specialized Surgeries.

Our Mission

Our motto is to help our patients get well in the shortest possible time using the most appropriate technology available, in the most pleasant way and cost effective manner.

Popular Practices
Diagnosis, management, and cumulative treatment of physical, behavioural, and mental health issues of children (aged less than 21 years).
Orthopedics Surgery
Diagnosis and cumulative treatment of dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system affecting the joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves.
Diagnosis, evaluation, management, and cumulative treatment of health issues specifically related to women reproductive system or the genitourinary tract.
General Surgery
Diagnosis and management of a broad spectrum of general diseases or injuries requiring minor or major routine surgery.
Diagnosis, evaluation, and management of diseases or malfunctioning of the ears, nose, and throat or related issues.

KMH strives to provide a high standard
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